Eyes On Texas by Wyman Meinzer

Eyes On Texas by Wyman Meinzer

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Foreword by John Graves. Text by Ray Sasser. Photo commentary by Wyman Meinzer.

Wyman Meinzer is a Texas original. His stunning photography forms a visual link to a wild and scenic Texas that few people have witnessed. Known for his camera work, the West Texas native son is much more than a photographer. Woodsman, scientist, historian, trapper, hunter, preservationist, marksman, writer, romantic, pilot, adventurer - Meinzer is all those things and more.

Meinzer's success is a classic tale of hard and uncompromising work and an uncanny knack for recognizing beauty in a harsh environment. This book includes more than 200 of his best photographs of his favorite subjects.

It is the fourth book that Meinzer has done with Dallas Morning News outdoor writer Ray Sasser. Their other three books are Texas Quail, Texas Whitetails, and Texas Seasons.